About Us.

Who is SBH Seal

We founded SBH Seal when we discovered that there was a glaring lack of quality roof sealants in the roofing industry. The many inferior products out there simply didn’t fit our high standards of quality—and simply didn't work. So we set out to find a solution to our problem. We did that. And in the meantime, we also disrupted the flat-roofing industry with cutting edge innovation. SBH Seal adapted a powerful sealing technology to the roofing industry that is tougher than all other roof sealants in the market. We are here for one purpose: to provide you with superior roofing solutions.

Our Mission

SBH Seal is bent on our mission to keep every roof in America healthy, strong and watertight. Say goodbye to the band-aid sealing systems of yesterday. Our fail-proof and weatherproof design bring you absolute peace of mind that your roof’s sealant will hold steadfast for 25 years. By placing a prime focus on research and development, our engineering team is leading the way in the development of stronger, thicker, tougher, and even simpler elastomeric liquid roof membrane applications.

The SBH Seal Difference.

SBH Seal’s roofing membrane is the world’s toughest, most long-lasting liquid-applied roofing solution.
Forget faulty membranes, leaky roofs and money down the drain.
100% Weatherproof
Withstands rains, snow, hurricanes and everything else nature throws at it.
Durable and Lasting
Engineered to last 2x longer than the standard liquid roof.
Eligible for a 25-year warranty.
Seamless and Joint-free
Seamless, leaving
zero space for leaks and ensuring easy application.
Will save you an abundance of time and money.
Invest in the roof membrane that is guaranteed to stay waterproof & weatherproof for 2 decades,
no reapplication needed.