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SBH Seal is an established company with big dreams. SBH founder's Saul and JJ started the company years ago- two brothers-in-law with the vision of disrupting the massive flat-roofing industry plagued by waste and underwhelming innovation.

Today we employ over a dozen full-time materials engineers, installers, and account representatives, ready to support the companies mission of influencing global climate change and reduce pollution caused by traditional commercial roofing.

We understand that replacing or repairing your roof is a significant investment that requires careful consideration. At SBH Seal, we offer you the most up to date and innovative roofing option to fit your budget and needs.


SBH Seal


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SBH Seal provides innovative seamless elastomeric membrane systems.

SBH Seal products and equipment

guarantees the best cost/benefit ratio

compared to conventional membrane systems.


We have a network of trusted independent Recommanded Installers located across the country.

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